Summit of the Heads of States and Government of the Group of 77 + China

Statement by:

His Excellency Mr Ahmed Sareer, Permanent Representative to the United Nations,

Santa Cruz, Bolivia, 14 – 15 June 2014 

Distinguished Chair,

Your Excellency Evo Morales,

President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia,

Excellencies and Distinguished Delegates,


Let me express the profound gratitude to the gracious host, the Government and the friendly people of Bolivia, for the warm hospitality accorded to my delegation during our stay in this magnificent country.

It is indeed, a distinct honour for me to represent the Republic of Maldives amongst this august gathering.

I bring greetings and well wishes from His Excellency the President, the Government and people of Maldives to you all as we mark the golden jubilee of G77 and China.

Next year, in July 2015 to be precise, the Maldives will celebrate 50th anniversary of its independence, as well as its membership at the United Nations. We are immensely proud to have been part of the G77 since its formative years.

Distinguished Chair,

In one of the founding documents of the G-77, unity was described as "an indispensable instrument". Today, the G-77 has proved this to be true.  International decision-making has never been as inclusive as it has been in the last few decades, especially in the United Nations system, thanks in no small part to the commanding role played by the Group of 77 and China. Through successive consultations over the years, the G-77 and China have managed to firmly accentuate the pro-poor and pro-development agenda within the discourse of the United Nations. The G-77 has undoubtedly been indispensable in preventing UN decision-making from being dominated by the big powers.

Over the past 50 years, the G77 attained remarkable achievements in increasing its group efficiency, legitimacy and representation within the United Nations. No other group of nations has assumed such high stakes in making the United Nations more transparent, more accountable, more efficient, and more democratic.

The form of cooperation and the working relationship between the G-77 and China has grown from strength to strength, shown through the principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibility being written into the Framework Convention on Climate Change due to the efforts and perseverance of the G-77 and China. Under this principle, the international community must take into consideration the economic development, historical duty and per capita emission when taking measures to combat climate change, which is already creating notable changes for current and future policy.

Distinguished Chair,

As a country confronted with daily experiences of threats from climate change and the unique circumstances of being a small island developing state, the Maldives has taken a lead role in international negotiations on all matters related to small states and associated environmental degradation, seeking genuine progress and transformational change. The Maldives wholeheartedly believes that it is not size, but smart ideas that matter. We believe that for States to make a difference, what is most important is their ability to transform, to adapt, to change and to accommodate. The Maldives has always worked hard, despite its small size and limited economic might to make a difference, to make an impact. And we believe we have succeeded. The Maldives recognizes that the role of G-77 in providing the opportunity and weight to take issues of social, political and create change, leading negotiations to transnational commitments that will tackle urgent threats such as climate change. The G-77 provides the platform and the room for all States, regardless of size or might, to voice their opinions.

Through G-77, vulnerable countries such as SIDS and LDCs are able to present complex challenges to the international community with a strong support system of diverse nations uniting against injustice. During the current International Year of SIDS, now is the time for the global community to hear the voices of island states and countries in vulnerable situations. The capacity of G-77 to facilitate an environment where all member states are both internally recognised and externally heard is notably observed by all within it. It is this integrity and commitment to transparency and change that Maldives hopes will resound in the character of G-77 as we meet to celebrate the Group in another 50 years.

The Maldives calls upon all members to work together in achieving our developmental goals. We need to make joint efforts to establish needs-based approaches in the formulation of the post-2015 development agenda especially in meeting the needs of the developing world. While upholding our common but differentiated responsibilities and rights to development, we should strengthen our global partnership for development through the post-2015 global development agenda. In these efforts, the Maldives reiterates and calls upon our international partners to strengthen the Official Development Assistance (ODA) systems to facilitate development.

Rio+20 and the ongoing discussions from Open Working Group on Sustainable Development have brought a measure of reassurance, by placing development at the center of the negotiations. We have always been a diversified group. Such diversity should not be seen as a source of weakness. Rather it is a source of strength. We remain united in purpose.

Let us take the opportunity of this anniversary to renew the commitment of the Group of 77 and China to an international order that will be more just, inclusive and supportive of development.

Mucho gracias, senor Presidente.