Session 5: Follow up and review


I have the honour to speak on behalf of the Alliance of Small Island States.

We would like to reiterate that a review and follow-up process is a critical aspect of the post-2015 development agenda. For SIDS, the S.A.M.O.A. Pathway is integral to that agenda.  The scope of the process then will have to be comprehensive to address the full breadth of all sustainable development commitments and the effective implementation of those commitments. It should create an enabling environment at the global level but also address the national and regional dimensions.

As many have said a data revolution will be essential to facilitate review and follow-up.  For SIDS, that data revolution should start now with support for the strengthening of our national statistical capacities so that we may collect quality data and conduct timely data analysis. At the same time, SIDS require a set of indicators that better reflect our vulnerability which can be based on SIDS national statistics and development indicators, where available.

The effective implementation of our agenda also requires a robust global follow-up system to strengthen monitoring and review of implementation at all levels, and the HLPF should play an important role. The UNGA and ECOSOC, as well as the HLPF under their auspices will need to devote adequate time to the discussion of the sustainable development challenges facing SIDS in order to enhance engagement and implement commitments. This is important to keep track of our progress and limit gaps in addressing our special case.

In addition, the SAMOA Pathway calls for a comprehensive review of the United Nations system support for SIDS with a view to enhancing the overall effectiveness of such support and to ensure a coherent and coordinated approach by the United Nations towards SIDS; this proposal could serve as an important model for other areas.

Thank you.