Plenary of the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly

Agenda Item 39: The Situation in Afghanistan


Statement by His Excellency Mr Ahmed Sareer,

Permanent Representative of the Republic of Maldives to the United Nations

New York, 30 November 2015



My delegation wishes to thank the Secretary General for his comprehensive report on the situation of Afghanistan submitted to this session.

Mr. President,

The Maldives remains hopeful to see the determination with which Afghanistan has been moving forward, despite the grave challenges that it face. The geographic location of Afghanistan places the country at the heart of geo-strategic importance within the region. Increasingly, the involvement of non-State actors, in the internal dynamics of the country adds complexity to an already difficult situation.

The Maldives is encouraged by the continuous efforts by the Government of Afghanistan in maintaining peace and security. In this regard, we welcome the assumption of full security responsibility by the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces. As a regional partner, the Maldives remains in solidarity with the people and the Government of Afghanistan in their efforts towards maintaining peace and harmony in the country.

Mr. President,

The Maldives is encouraged by the positive political developments in Afghanistan which has brought representatives of Afghanistan Government and Taliban to official talks, the first of which, held in many years. These positive developments prove the willingness of Afghanistan Government, and other parties involved to move ahead. The Maldives hopes for the renewed continuation of dialogue as a way forward towards creating a mechanism to cease all hostilities and focussing on a people-centred approach in developing the country.

However, the Maldives remains concerned by the ongoing security-related incidents across the country. My delegation remains more troubled that the brunt of these armed clashes continue to be borne by civilians resulting in significant casualties and displacement among Afghan civilians. This is especially alarming, given the increase in child casualties and attacks on schools, as noted in the Secretary General's report.

Mr. President,

Comprehensive efforts for inclusive development and recognition of the important role of women in society by the Government of Afghanistan are important steps in its reform initiatives. We would also like to note efforts to promote rule of law, accountability and to address corruption in the country. Positive initiatives such as the 100-day plans by all Ministries and executive branch bodies, that outlines programmes and policies towards enhancing efficiency and increased decentralisation demonstrates commitment of the Government of Afghanistan towards reform.

The Maldives welcomes continuous efforts by the Government of Afghanistan for regional collaboration, including its role in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC). We are further encouraged by Afghanistan's continued engagement with regional partners and active participation at various high-level conferences aimed at collective security challenges. The Maldives believes that such regional collaboration and engagement is necessary towards strengthening peace, stability and economic cooperation in the region.

Mr. President,

The people of Afghanistan can only be the drivers of a successful future for their nation. The democratic and economic transformation and stability that the people of Afghanistan rightly deserves can only be realized with the continued support of the international community. My delegation would like to reiterate the call to all members, for their support and commitment to embrace Afghanistan in its quest for peace and prosperity.

Thank you.