Statement by H.E. Dr. Ali Naseer Mohamed, Foreign Secretary of the Maldives at the Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Group of 77 and China


Mr Chair and Distinguished Delegates:

At the outset, I would like to welcome our newest member, the South Sudan, to the Group. And I also would also like to congratulate South Africa for being elected as the next Chair of the Group.

When Maldives joined the Group of 77, the country was one of the least developed nations of the world, struggling to achieve development with limited resources. Today, Maldives is a Middle-Income country, with proud achievements in economic, political and social arenas. As the Maldives marches forward in its development journey, the country appreciate the support it has received from this group. We, the Group of 77, not only promote our own collective economic interests, but also advocate for the causes which impedes development.

The Maldives realized long ago, that the challenges Small Island Developing States face on the path of development are unique. Climate change and sea level rise are critical issues that Small Island nations have to overcome in order to develop at the same pace as other developing countries. In spite of its small size, the Maldives has advocated for the cause of climate change at every opportunity it meets in the international arena. We believe that climate change is an issue which can only be solved with the cooperation of all countries, small and big, developed and developing. The Maldives calls upon all international partners to join hands for the cause of climate change and all other obstacles small island states face. The Maldives commends the Group of 77 for providing a platform for small states to voice their opinions in various arenas of development, and the enduring work this Group has done in this regard.

In 2015, the Maldives will celebrate its 50th year of independence as well as its membership at the United Nations. This year the Group of 77 has celebrated its 50th anniversary. But as we all celebrate these occasions grandly, it reflects the reform and transformation 50 years can bring to countries and organizations. Five decades ago, developing economies from all over the world joined hands with each other to transform the international economic system, its inequity, which became a major obstacle to development. Since then, in the fields of trade, finance and technology, the G-77 has been fighting against inequity and debarment. And it has achieved much in this fight. The Group of G77 not only transformed the international economic system. It has worked tirelessly to make the United Nations more democratic as well. With the help of Algiers Charter and Caracas Agreement, the G-77 and China have managed to prioritize the pro-poor and pro-development agenda within the discourse of the United Nations. Today, the G77 is a strong and efficient group within the United Nations: it is a force to be reckoned with. The efforts it has put in to increase the accountability and transparency of the Organization is commendable.

This Group represents the power and might of principle. We demand that not only our individual interests; we demand for what is in our interest alone, we demand for our collective interests, in the interest of our common humanity. Our aim is to seek a brighter future for all, where triumph is not at the expense of others, and success can be shared by all. This Group seeks a better future for all.

Thank You.