Third Committee

Agenda Item 63: Report of the Human Rights Council

Intervention by the Republic of Maldives to the Report of the Human Rights Council

United Nations, New York, 04 November 2016


Thank you Madam Chair,

My delegation would like to welcome the comprehensive report presented by the President of the Human Rights Council and commend him for the excellent work carried out during the past year.

The Maldives has been a member of the Human Rights Council for the past 5 and half years.  When we were first elected to the Human Rights Council in 2010, we were the smallest country to have representation at the Council.  We knew the challenges that were associated for SIDS in the participation at the Council, especially for SIDS that do not have a permanent presence in Geneva. We knew the challenges they go through in various engagement sessions at the Council, most significantly the Universal Periodic Review process.

Once we got elected to the Council, the Maldives made it a priority to take steps that would enhance the meaningful participation of SIDS and to establish partnerships to meet this objective. The establishment of a Voluntary Trust Fund for the participation of LDCs and SIDS in the Human Rights Council was a significant step in the right direction. Thanks to the support received from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and other members in the Council.

We were pleased to note that during the recent session of HRC held in Geneva, at the 10th anniversary session, for the first time we were able to secure the participation of all SIDS through the Trust Fund.

But my delegation believes that a formal mechanism that enables the participation of SIDS would be the next step in addressing the needs of the SIDS that are faced with capacity constraints and financial shortfalls in their representation at the Council.

In this regard, my delegation would like to seek the views of the President in establishing a formal mechanism within the UN system that would ensure participation of smaller delegations with limited means at the Council sessions.

Thank you.