25 January 2018, New York

Maldives Foreign Minister Dr Mohamed Asim has said that "a vote for the Maldives is a vote for hope". Speaking at a reception titled "Maldivian Night", Minister Asim highlighted that the development story of Maldives is not only a testament to the work of Maldivians, but also an achievement for the UN. The United Nations, he said, gave the Maldives a platform, where size and lack of might did not matter, and where every voice could be heard.

The Minister also highlighted the importance of celebrating diversity within the United Nations, saying "it is this diversity of experience and fresh perspectives that it offers that result in the triumph of multilateralism". And that it is the hope and success that the UN brought to the Maldives, that encouraged the Maldives to contribute meaningfully to forging shared solutions that shape our shared destiny. He went on to say, that these are the reasons why the Maldives decided to contest for a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council for the term 2019-2020.