Permanent Representative Thilmeeza Hussain delivered a statement at the UNSC Open Debate on ‘the promotion and strengthening of the rule of law in the maintenance of international peace and security: the rule of law among nations’ on Thursday, 12 January 2023. This debate organized by Japan, as the President of the UNSC, aims to deepen discussions on how to take action under the UN framework to ensure international peace and security through the promotion of the rule of law.

In her statement, Ambassador Hussain emphasized that the Maldives always accepted principles outlined in the UN Charter, embraced the international order, and adhered to the rule of law nationally and internationally. Noting that the Maldives has constantly taken a principled stand on violations of the territorial integrity of a sovereign country, Ambassador urged that rule of law should be respected by all states, irrespective of their size or might.

Ambassador Hussain expressed concerns that we are living in a world marred by multiple conflicts and humanitarian crises – arising from the war in Ukraine to the violence in Occupied Palestinian Territory. “It is critical that the perpetrators of blatant violation of international law and international humanitarian law, regardless of the conflict, on which side of the conflict they fought, or whether the conflict is still active or is in a post-conflict situation, are held accountable for their actions,” she said.

In terms of discussion of the pressing security issues, Ambassador Hussain underscored Maldives’ strong conviction that reform of the Security Council is critical to make the Council more democratic in composition, effective in decision making and accountable to the general membership.

Concluding her statement, Ambassador advocated for resolving conflicts through diplomatic means and exercising extreme restraint and caution and taking constructive steps to diffuse tensions through dialogue.